“Ecuatorianismos en Bélgica”

12 June 2022

Bijzonder fijne samenwerking met de ambassades van Spanje, Ecuador en Andorra in de MMM dankzij EULAT 4 Culture Belgium.

Excellent collaboration with the Spanish, Ecuadorian and Andorran embassies in the MMM thanks to EULAT 4 Culture Belgium.
Through their works, the artists share their life experiences as migrants in Spain and Belgium.

In the exhibition “Ecuatorianismos en Bélgica”, the artists want to show us how their vision is linked to their own migration history. All three live in Brussels and, although they use different forms and techniques (painting, printmaking and performance), a unity emerges through their inspiration in “Ecuatorianismos”.
Three Ecuadorian artistic perspectives: Alejandra Bedón, Marco Campaña Salgado and Diana Valarezo. 
Alejandra Bedón presents a series of engravings with a new perspective on botanical art. We can feel her fascination for the seed of life in her rhythmic and harmonious compositions.
Marco Campaña Salgado brings us paintings with vivid colours, reflecting a magical fusion between the ancient and the contemporary and holding up a mirror to us.
Diana Valarezo, finally, presents the performance “Rasgar las vestiduras”, in which she uses embroidery to tell the story of her own migration and subsequently the universal story of migration.
Visit the exhibition “Ecuatorianismos en Bélgica” from 2 June 2022 until 22 July 2022 at the MMM.

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