Dar al Amal

Dar al Amal means “house of hope” in Arabic. It’s the name of Foyer’s centre for women that was set up in Molenbeek in 1981 as a place of emancipation that focuses on empowering (vulnerable) women of all nationalities, cultures, ages and beliefs.

These women have enormous potential but frequently come up against barriers. That’s why “empowerment” is the guiding principle of our work, starting with giving them the necessary wellbeing and self-confidence to fully develop.

Dar al Amal is open to all women. The centre’s most important values are active citizenship, interculturality and diversity, respect for one another and good health for all.

We offer a range of activities: day trips, creative workshops, parenting support, sport sessions, language classes and much more. The house is the starting point for a voyage towards emancipation and development both as a woman and as a citizen – and at the same time a warm, safe home where all women can be themselves and feel heard.

Initiatives and activities


Taste the world

Dar al Amal regards the kitchen as a carrier of culture, tradition and health. After all, everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of a house. In our cooking workshops, we share culinary traditions, knowledge and expertise from various cultures.

Dar al Amal has its own catering team, a multicultural group of women (Turkish, Moroccan, Italian, Syrian, Pakistani, Colombian, Romanian…) who share with us the best recipes from their country. We are proud of this multiculturalism and the way in which we share dishes from every continent, with respect for local traditions. Each month, members come to Dar al Amal for a communal breakfast, afternoon snack or friendly dinner.


Dar al Amal vzw

de Ribaucourtstraat 51, 

1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek