Foyer des Jeunes

Foyer des Jeunes is a historic Brussels youth centre, recognised by the French Community. 

Providing a place for young people outside school hours has always been one of the leading pillars of Foyer’s work: over the years the youth centre has welcomed many thousand youngsters through its doors. Under the Foyer des Jeunes flag, we still offer a huge number of activities, always tailored according to age group. Children and young people from the ages of eight to 25 are all welcome.

Central to what we do is encouraging the development of identity in young people and stimulating their creative talents. We do this through carefully selected activities that are embedded in a global pedagogical project, aimed at accountability and citizenship in children, young people and their parents. 

In recent years we have also focused on ecology, in response to the climate crisis, and critical thinking about (new) media. To do this, we have joined forces with leading players from the social and cultural sector in Molenbeek, as well as with partners from other municipalities, regions and even countries.

Our homework class provides welcome support for children and young people, which is of vital importance for their intellectual progress both at school and in general. That applies particularly to the young newcomers in our class.

Just like the homework class, Foyer des Jeunes’ creative workshops provide participants with extra life skills and the chance to develop their artistic talents. We have in-house specialists for various disciplines – poetry slam, music composition, recording, production – and many, often hidden, talents have risen to the surface this way. The results speak for themselves: we have produced a series of substantively strong and innovative projects, both educational and artistic. The focus remains on helping to develop the identity of our young people, who are growing up in a super-diverse, multilingual metropolis.

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 15.30-19.30 (homework class)
Wednesday: 14.00-19.30
Thursday: 15.30-19.30 (homework class)
Friday: 15.30-19.30 (homework class)
Saturday: 14.00-19.30