Neighbourhood Workshop

Welcome one and all to the Neighbourhood Woodshop! Ever since the 80s, the Foyer offers members the use of a professionally stocked woodshop complete with all the machines and tools necessary. A qualified woodworker is there on site to guide each member in the development of their personal project.

Come join us to fix that piece of furniture that badly needs it, come join us if you have always dreamed of woodworking. Everyone is welcome in this warm and respectful woodshop!

Membership are done on site.

Questions? Write to

Openingsuren/ Heures d’ouverture / Opening hours

Woensdag / Mercredi / Wednesday 14h – 19h

Donderdag / Jeudi  / Thursday 14h – 19h

Zaterdag / Samedi / Saturday 13h – 19h

The first Saturday of each month we are closed