Foyer’s youth service is not a typical youth club, but rather a series of projects. We provide a varied range of activities as we strive to create an optimal place for children and young people from 12 to 20 to spend their free time.

We see it as our job to empower children and young people so they can play an active role in society. We encourage the development of identity among young people who are growing up in a super-diverse, multilingual metropolis.

To achieve this, we have a range of projects and activities, aimed at active citizenship, dialogue, media, studying and sport. We are committed to discovering and developing the talents and skills of young people, and organise innovative activities and projects in line with their demands and needs in an urban setting. That’s why the BIS Award project is currently
undergoing a complete makeover, for example. It’s also important to us that our activities reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of Brussels: the youth service is open to all young people, whatever their background.

Each week we offer a number of workshops, whose content is designed to be participatory. After school on Wednesdays and Fridays, the “Studybox” offers study support through a tutor system. Tutoring is done by young people with a similar background, who act as a coach and role model.

We also have a series of initiatives to encourage young people to get involved in volunteering. This can be within workshops and projects, individual or customised, and is carried out with a variety of partners from Dutch-language companies and organisations in Brussels.

  Contact :

Foyer’s Youth Service
Werkhuizenstraat 25, 1080 Molenbeek
Tel: 02/411.74.95