6 June 2023

Atelier Fanzine

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28 May 2023

What is in the ‘toolbox’ of an intercultural mediator?

Foyer vzw works with intercultural mediators in a number of different contexts. In the coming weeks, we will take a closer look at some aspects of mediation at Foyer.  Today […]

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18 May 2023

Welcome to the STACHFEST Festival in Lavallée, discover the live printing of Dar Al Amal “fanzine” on Saturday 27 May from 1.30pm

In collaboration with Stach’moule, a feminist micro-editing collective, a “fanzine” has been created at Dar Al Amal over the past few months: one collective magazine for & by the Fans…of […]

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6 May 2023

The intergenerational camp in the Ardennes: an important annual tradition for the Foyer youngsters and the ladies of Dar Al Amal

From 9 to 12 May, it’s that time again: a cheerfully mixed group of young people on the one hand, and enthusiastic ladies from emancipation house Dar Al Amal on […]

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A lesser-known language in the spotlight: the Brussels dialect!

In the film ‘Vlaanderen en Brussel, een verhaal van migranten’ (Flanders and Brussels, a story of migrants), made by Peter Verlinden for the MigratieMuseumMigration, we discover the story of the […]

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30 April 2023

Brussels-Molenbeek, candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2030

Not the City of Brussels, but the municipality of Molenbeek is the Brussels candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2030. This may be a little unexpected, but […]

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20 April 2023

We wish you a happy Eid full of peace and serenity for you and your families!

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13 April 2023

Lesser-known language in the spotlight: Ukrainian

Since the war in Ukraine in 2022, Foyer’s Intercultural Mediation Service in Care and Welfare has employed a Ukrainian-speaking mediator. By the end of 2022, 99 mediations in Ukrainian had […]

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1 April 2023

1 and 8 April: Two events on the occasion of the International Roma Day

1 April: Video screening Roma LGBTQIA+ Video screening, testimonies and debate on Roma LGBTQIA+ and their experiences of cross-discrimination. The programme is organised in cooperation with vzw Balkan and provides […]

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22 March 2023

Ramadan Kareem

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