At Foyer, you, as a professional, can follow different courses to better understand our diverse society and learn how to work with the people in it.

PIM (Partners in Multilingualism)

‘Strong at the start – advising young parents on multilingual parenting’

The approach to multilingual parenting within the family is often a search process full of doubts for young parents. Based on recent research and our experience, we formulate concrete tips to support parents. We also look at the initial care of young children in Dutch. We focus mainly on professionals working with young parents and children aged 0 to 4.

This training can also be organised on request. More information:

Multilingual reading aloud. An interactive workshop on reading aloud in other languages’.

Based on its many years of expertise in multilingualism, Foyer vzw has focused on various initiatives in multilingual reading aloud. This workshop provides a practical explanation of the importance and the many possibilities of multilingual reading aloud. Participants will also get practical tips on how multilingual reading can be used for parent involvement. We look at how to implement all this using the digital kamishibai with the final goal of its independent use. The workshop is mainly aimed at teachers, primary school teacher training students, librarians, animators.

This training can also be organised on request. More information:

Roma & Travellers

Working with Roma in Brussels

This information session is aimed at employees of associations, schools and institutions in Brussels who come into contact with Roma and/or caravan travellers in their daily activities.

Participants will gain insight into the living environment and culture of Roma and/or travellers. Expertise and experiences can be exchanged and concrete tools are provided for working with these target groups.

Training on demand and tailor-made. The integral version takes about two and a half hours, but can also be shortened to one and a half hours.

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