Youngsters biking from Brussels to Morocco

2 August 2022

July 31 the adventure of a group of youngsters of Foyer biking via France into Morocco and staying there for some time, has come to an end. It was a “challenge” for them and at the same  time a school of life: challenges, adventure, some difficulties to overwin, the advantages  and the joy, the need also of friendship… They have been excellent ambassadors of Molenbeek. For them it has been something never to forget.
Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

Pushing back frontiers, experiencing unprecedented situations, meeting people they would otherwise never meet, experiencing the richness of nature, living on character, starting something and hanging on until the end. This is what the young people (5 girls and 7 boys) of Foyer and Foyer des Jeunes are engaged in during their bicycle trip through France to Morocco.

1 July 2022

For the first time, young people of Foyer from Molenbeek are going to Morocco by bike… 7 boys and 5 girls, with 3 supervisors, coming from both Foyer des Jeunes and Jongerenwerking Foyer. Congratulations also to the parents who trust their children and who trust Foyer. The youngsters have  tents to spend the night. The aim: to push back their own frontiers, discover the richness of nature, and the importance of biking. A van accompanies them.