Brussels Integration through Sports (BIS)

Brussels Integration through Sports (BIS) – literally sets in motion youngsters with a migration background. Thanks to Foyer, many young people who occasionally play sport find themselves a team with fixed training sessions and weekly matches. At the same time, BIS aims to involve them in the organisational aspects of club sports, and thus sharpen their personal and organisational skills.

With a clear focus on autonomy and self-development, Foyer also arranges sporting initiatives that benefit members in the long term. Among our success stories are the women’s basketball team – Molenbeek Rebels Basketball – and Atlemo, our athletics team, which have grown to become independent sports clubs that we continue to work with.

In addition to these permanent activities, other departments regularly use sport as a lever for inclusion. For example, the men’s group does wall climbing and (indoor) football, while women can go to Dar al Amal for swimming and cycling sessions, among other things. And of course, given Foyer’s DNA, we offer our young people regular training in a variety of sports.

Multilingualism: English, Dutch, French.

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