PIM@home is an initiative of Partners In Multilingualism (PIM), a subsidiary of Foyer vzw.

A core theme of PIM is the support of parents in the multilingual education of their children. We provide advice and training for parents and professionals with a focus on both the home language and the school language.

PIM@home focuses on strengthening the various home languages and was realized with the support of Sven Gatz, minister responsible for the promotion of multilingualism. The core of the project consists of 10 short videos about language support in the home language.

The videos, originally in Dutch, have been duplicated and recorded in 8 different languages: Classical Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu. The material can be used preventively. In addition, it can be used specifically when children are weaker for language and when a stronger language stimulation at home is a part of the solution-focused approach. There is a Dutch supporting manual that gives professionals ideas to get started with the parents themselves. Brussels schools and organizations can request a collaboration (pim@foyer.be).