The European project TALES@home helps multilingual families create a stimulating environment for learning languages and general wellbeing. To do this, we have co-developed an app for parents and their children that maps the emotions associated with language. This digital tool reinforces positive emotions and attitudes within the family in order to contribute to the wellbeing, social inclusion and language skills of all family members.

Specific aims

Target groups

How do we support multilingual families?


Languages and emotions in families with a recent migration background

This bundle (in English) is a collection of language stories from refugee families who are working with the TALES@home digital tool. It is an application for multilingual families with a strong family-oriented approach. It can be used to strengthen the linguistic environment, and in situations where language choices are likely to have a negative effect on the wellbeing of family members or on their opportunities to learn a language. 

The tool can be used to encourage communication about language use within a family, and to identify issues that may arise from the use of different languages. 
You can download the complete package here.