TALES@home – Talking About Language and EmotionS at Home.

The European project TALES@home helps multilingual families create a stimulating environment for language learning and well-being. We developed an app that allows parents and children to map emotions related to language. The strongly visual approach invites reflection and conversation.

The central theme of well-being, emotions and language is fully in line with HaBilNet’s objectives. Thanks to HaBilNet, this tool was able to get an update in 2022 and is now fully available again.

Goal: This digital tool strengthens positive emotions and attitudes within the family in order to contribute to well-being, social cohesion and language skills of all family members.

Target audiences:

· Multilingual families.

· Professionals working with multilingual adults, children and young people in the context of language learning.

This manual will help you on your way.

The tool talesathome

As an example, here you will find a collection of language stories from refugee families who have started working with the tool.

Questions? Mail to pim@foyer.be