PIM Expertise Centre

The Partners in Multilingualism (PIM) Expertise Centre focuses on multilingual education and provides support to multilingual families. Our other target group is professionals (childcare staff, support workers, teachers) who care for and/or support children in their language development and their welfare in a multilingual context.

The PIM team consists of speech therapists, language analysts and educational staff.

PIM can help you with:

Language analysis

For whom?

Professionals or parents can register the child and parents will be invited to attend a consultation with their child. We work on the basis of recordings in the home language and a meeting with the parents and the analysis is processed in an advisory report. Language analysis is available on request.

Price: €20 

Language advice for parents

For whom?

This is done in cooperation with Huis van het Kind under the banner Sterk aan de start (Strong from the Start).

Individual parent consultations or group sessions can be requested.

Advice for professionals

For whom?

Professionals can submit cases via email. This allows them to share experiences and formulate tips.

Training for professionals

For whom?

An organisation or a school makes the application; taking into account the group, we will agree the theme and the approach. Themes include: how to bring up a multilingual child, the importance of home languages and how they can be supported, the link between language and emotion, children with linguistic difficulties, parent coaching.

Price: €120/hour in Brussels, €150/hour + travel costs outside Brussels.


For any questions, please contact us via pim@foyer.be or 02/411.74.95. 

Contacts: Hilde De Smedt and Soumaya Mousselli

The PIM Expertise Centre is supported by HaBilNet.