Foyer vzw

Building an intercultural society

Foyer is a non-profit with various sections that has been building a (more) intercultural society in Brussels for more than 50 years. Our services include intercultural mediation, advice about multilingualism and education, a range of activities for young people and adults focusing on development and empowerment, and dialogue activities that encourage people to come together.  

Our work is aimed at all citizens of Brussels.

A snapshot of our activities:
  • Initiatives for integration and empowerment of (frequently socially vulnerable) children, young people and adults.
  • Diverse activities for youngsters, women and men from all social groups and of all ages. 
  • Pioneering work on multilingualism and speech therapy in multilingual children.
  • Activities to support and strengthen social cohesion locally and across Brussels.
  • Intercultural mediation and prevention in the welfare and health sector.
  • A centre for the Roma and Traveller communities
  • Stimulating reflection on diversity through educational workshops.
  • Stimulating the social debate about current migration trends.
  • Publications and development of innovative material relating to migration, integration and diversity.

While we always try to react quickly to needs and changes in society, our starting point is a long-term vision of an inclusive society shaped by its own members. Brussels is our lab, in which we experiment with innovative ways of working and new target groups, building on our decades-long experience and always in dialogue with our stakeholders. 

Foyer is a pluralistic organisation that is imbued at every level with a deep respect for diversity.