Brussels in Dialogue

Brussels in Dialogue aims to encourage active citizenship and encounters in the context of diversity. Getting to know people, sharing experiences, exchanging dreams and reflecting on concrete actions: it all happens at the dialogue table.

It began in 2007 with the first Day of Dialogue in Brussels, a project that was expanded in 2013 to become the Week of Brussels in Dialogue. With the support of a platform that unites dozens of Brussels organisations, dialogue tables were held in many locations in the city. Participants came from a variety of backgrounds but were unanimously enthusiastic about this special experience.

Today we are using the dialogue method to bring people together (on demand, and in a customised way), giving groups who are often not heard in society the chance to talk: homeless people, prisoners, the sick, as well as children and parents. We do this alongside partner organisations in Brussels. We continue to put dialogue in the spotlight with special activities in October.

Dialogue, cooperation and encounters are transversal, fixed values in everything Foyer does. With partner organisations, neighbours, associations, government and business, Foyer is constantly creating initiatives that promote the flow of information, coming together and cooperation between Brussels citizens of all backgrounds. Our women’s centre, Dar al Amal, and the men’s group, Atelier M, are accessible meeting places – aimed at a specific audience but always offering a warm welcome to everyone.