Foyer welcomes Ukrainian families

12 April 2022

Over the past weeks, Foyer’s educational department has been welcoming Ukrainian children to Dutch-speaking schools. With the Easter holidays just around the corner, we have set up a further ‘warm welcome’ for these families. For five half-days, we offer a range of activities at Foyer for both parents and children. The focus is not yet on learning Dutch. We aim to familiarize the children with the language in a playful way, and with the parents we discuss what it means for them and their families to be confronted with two new languages in Brussels. Our speech therapists give them tips and tools to deal with this. Furthermore, we make time for exploring the city and for relaxing. A new Dutch-Ukrainian intercultural mediator has also joined the team, supporting schools and partner organisations in communication, even after the holidays.

Foyer welcomes Ukrainian families during the Easter holidays and tries to provide relaxation and support.

The families explored Brussels with a guide from Brukselbinnenstebuiten and visited the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Frida Kahlo exhibition, the Atomium and the wings of the Monnaie. The children also enjoyed various creative activities.