Contest on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day (21/2/’21)

15 March 2021

On 21 February it was the ‘International Mother Language Day’. Schools received from us an activity about making language portraits to which we also added a small competition.   

Two OKAN classes won prizes. The class of teacher Lieve and teacher Charlotte of primary school “De Zenne” in Laken and the class of teacher Liesbeth of primary school “Lucerna” in Houthalen-Helchteren.   

 The children from Brussels decided to make a language bus with the portraits. The idea was that, with all the languages in the class, they would visit every country and travel around the world. With a video, they came to us in a virtual bus trip.   

 The children from Houthalen-Helchteren went to work on each other’s home language. In their language portraits, they thought about the languages in their heads and in their hearts.   

They brought everything together in a beautiful collage. All the children really enjoyed talking about themselves and their own language, something they are proud of. Congratulations to all of them!