Intergenerational Easter Camp: the ladies from emancipation house Dar Al Amal discover the Ardennes together with the children of Foyer des Jeunes

6 April 2022

The yearly Intergenerational Easter Camp is a tradition we are very happy to resume after two years, as the sanitary situation did not allow it.  

The goal is that the ladies from Dar Al Amal, our emancipation house, and the children from Foyer des Jeunes (not the ladies’ own children!) experience an inspiring exchange while sharing in the fun, music and activities, relaxing in nature, as well as the chores (dishes, cleaning) all together. 

During all this, we all learn a lot from each other over the borders of the generations, languages and cultural backgrounds. 

In 2022, our group consists of ladies of Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistani, Guinean and Belgian origins. 

Also the group of children shows a diversity that ranges from Moroccan and Turkish to Ukranian and Belgian backgrounds.  

After enjoying the delicious harira-soup and spaghetti bolognaise, prepared in advance by the ladies of Dar Al Amal, a group of children takes care of the dishes while the ladies can rest…

Everyone will sleep well and dream of beautiful caves and a variety of cool animals we could admire during an interesting safari in the Domaine des Grottes de Han.

On tomorrow’s program: after the morning gym and breakfast, a guided tour to the open-air museum of Fourneau Saint-Michel, followed by an interactive visit to pottery artist Raymonde Lozet at her workshop in Saint-Hubert, while the children will enjoy a sporty activity with their animators. In the evening, we will party together!