Een innovatieve start met 4 ontdekkingsweken bij Dar Al Amal!

13 October 2022

To regain the rhythm and atmosphere together after the last 2 years, it was time for a fresh start with a totally different approach at emancipation House Dar Al Amal (House of Hope)!

The goal: to launch into the new school year with a numerous, fully motivated group – of course with a focus on hygiene and preventive measures. This time there was no traditional registration period where certain classes, activities and/or sports could be chosen immediately….

Instead: a discovery period of 4 weeks to try out as many activities as possible, such as: watching and discussing a documentary, workshops “digitalization” and “storytelling”, introductory classes in boxing and contemporary dance, a taste of zumba, yoga and cycling, a convivial participatory breakfast, an initiation + level test in French, Dutch and English, various instructive and relaxing outings in Brussels, a sewing workshop and even an initiation in woodworking in the Foyer community workshop; a great success!

Innovatively, only those who actively participated in the discovery weeks, are given a place in the language class of their choice and in the(very popular) sewing workshop, although the women can still enroll throughout the year to participate in all other activities.

In the “second round of registration” we encourage all the ladies to choose a language class, a workshop and a sport in order to create a varied program for this school year.

At first glance, this experiment seems to have succeeded!