Youth work in Brussels during Corona

Assia Mezraui, 22 December 2021

When I look around me, I see, as much as before, children and young people coming to the Foyer youth work. I see the same thing happening in other youth centres in the area. Difference from before? People play outside even more than before, they plan more excursions, they go to museums
and the like, in short: if they want to stay inside, they look for large rooms. Is all this an ideal world?
No, but people are trying to continue normal life as much as possible and it seems to be working. The only thing that really puts a brake on it is the access to sports halls, which sometimes comes back to haunt us at Foyer during indoor cricket. Special attention to after-school care is also a permanent feature. I think I also notice this in other youth centres here in the Canal Zone. But I don’t want to speak for all of them. I only know ours and a few in the immediate vicinity. (I don’t say anything about youth life in the late evening or at night, because I am not informed about it.)

What I notice is that there has been little yo-yo here at Foyer in the code of conduct. The same measures have always been followed: from the very beginning, clarity about vaccination among the youth workers, everything outside as much as possible, and if something happens inside: windows
open. In fact, until now – let’s cross fingers – there has never been a problem worth mentioning.

And yes, we will inform the parents and the children about the vaccination of children and young people, and it will then be up to them and their parents to decide, based on the information, whether or not to be vaccinated.

Without wishing to provoke Omicron, but there really is life during Corona! Social life too! And it can still be fun! Merry Christmas, merry end-of-year and best New Year wishes. Forza!