Welcome to the STACHFEST Festival in Lavallée, discover the live printing of Dar Al Amal “fanzine” on Saturday 27 May from 1.30pm

18 May 2023

In collaboration with Stach’moule, a feminist micro-editing collective, a “fanzine” has been created at Dar Al Amal over the past few months: one collective magazine for & by the Fans…of our women’s emancipation house. Both some new ladies, enrolled at Dar Al Amal only since this school year, and regulars who have been part of the empowerment centre “Dar Al Amal” for many years (and sometimes even decades) have selected and created texts, photos and drawings together during a couple of workshops. 

They explored what Dar Al Amal means to them, what they learned there and what they are most proud of, what they will never forget, and what is most important to them. The result, the collective “Fanzine” of Dar Al Amal, will be printed “live” (risograph), stapled and displayed during day 1 of the STACHFEST Festival in Lavallée, appointment Saturday 27 May at 1.30pm. In addition, there are many other festivities to discover in Lavallée that whole weekend, from tattoos and expo to animated film and music, hope to see you then!