Welcome to Brussels and Belgium: activities for Ukrainian families

23 July 2022

Once again, Ukrainian children and young people and their families were welcomed by Foyer during the summer holidays. For the children, there were language-oriented activities and for the whole family, there were free trips. The families visited the Atomium and Mini-Europa, the Zoo of Antwerp, Walibi, the Botanical Garden of Meise, the city farm and they had a day at the beach in Ostend. The children became familiar with the Dutch language and its practical application in a playful manner. On the way to the farm, they learned for example the words for left and right, crossing the road, traffic lights and so on. On the farm, the names of the different animals were introduced.

In September, all children will start school, mostly in a specially adapted class. Some of them have already started at the end of last school year. Children and their parents can always come to Foyer with questions about school. New challenges await the adults as well. Often they still live in shelters or with host families and now they have to look for their own house. Finding a job is another a priority. Some families have already returned to Ukraine, but for the families that are still here, there are still many steps to take.

Welcome to Brussels and Belgium is a project by Foyer with the support of HaBilNet.