Planting Languages

Foyer has led the European project (Erasmus+) Planting Languages – Seeds of Success since October 2019. This project helps parents to make choices in multilingual upbringing to ensure optimal language development and well-being right from the start.

Why this project?

Parents are the primary educators in the multilingual learning process and their basic choices are therefore very important. We notice that making these choices is not always easy for multilingual parents with young children or with plans for family expansion. We are looking primarily, but not exclusively, at disadvantaged families. They have more difficult access to up-to-date literature or other information channels. They also find it difficult to apply the information to their situation. From a social point of view, parents often experience resistance and criticism rather than positive support. It is therefore very important that they believe in their role and are able to motivate their approach to the outside world.

Where do we stand?

Partners from different countries are involved in this project: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland and Cyprus.

Foyer has previously led a European project where the emphasis was on language emotions and attitudes in multilingual families. The results can be found on the website.

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