CommUnity (2019-2021)

This project is subtitled Build Communities, Create Peace. It is an ISF-Police Action Grant project that aims to prevent the radicalisation of young people through strengthening social cohesion. It does this through intercultural and interfaith dialogue, cultural and artistic expression and building trust, particularly in the Muslim community. In this framework, Foyer will organise a series of social, cultural and educational activities within the Men’s Group. While radicalisation primarily occurs among young people, CommUnity is directed at communities as a whole and so also involves parents in the project.

The wide-ranging project, which includes 290 small and large activities, is coordinated by Interculturl Dialogue Platform, a Brussels-based non-profit that develops activities aimed at mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence of people from different cultural backgrounds.

The other European partners are UCLL and Fedactio (Belgium), Mitra France and Plateforme de Paris (France), Arco Forum (Spain), Università degli Studi di Firenze (Italy), Udruga Prizma (Croatia), Forum Dialog EV (Germany) and Stichting Islam Kennis Centrum (Netherlands).