Refugee Migration to Europe: September 15-30. Trying to arrive at European policy

Ann Trappers, 1 October 2020

September 15. It becomes known that the day before, the 14th, a ship with 56 migrants has sunk near Crete. 2 children and a woman died.

September 15. Near to a camp of refugees on the isle of Samos a fire broke out.

September 16. Five migrants have been suspected and arrested for the arson of camp Moria. A 6th one is still researched.

September 16.  IOM reports that a boat carrying migrants capsized off the Libyan coast; 45 people were brought back ashore by the Libyan coast-guard, 20 people are missing.

September 17.  Belgium prospects that it will take in 100 to 150 refugees (vulnerable families) from Lesvos, in addition to 12 minors.

September 17.  The Open Arms, located off the coast of Palermo, has 278 migrants on board. 78 of them jump into the water and try to reach the coast by swimming. The coast guard catches them from the water and returns them to the ship.

September 17.  Greek police are leading the migrants on Lesvos to a new camp on the island.

September 21.  In total, more than 500 refugees/migrants arrived in Lampedusa in 24 hours, at different times, spread over 26 ships.  Very often, it is about Tunisians. Just outside the harbour, the Alan Kurdi also awaits with 123 migrants/refugees on board, including 62 minors. Once again, the reception centre in Lampedusa is overcrowded Alan Kurdi had made three rescues in 24 hours off the Libyan coast.

September 23.  More than 240 refugees who left Moria after the fire on Lesbos, have been infected by Covid. Their average age is about 24 years.

September 23.  The European Commission proposes a new policy on migration management. Three important points: compulsory solidarity between all member states with the possibility to comply with this in various ways; an objective control of the modalities under which refugees are accepted or rejected; and a much faster expulsion of persons whose asylum is not accepted. ;

September 24.  Amnesty International publishes a report (“Between Life and Death”) on abuses in Libya in the reception and transit of refugees.

September 24.  The Alan Kurdi with 125 refugees on board, is allowed to dock in the port of Olbia in Sardinia and let the people go ashore.

September 25.  The result of a Swiss referendum shows that the Swiss do not want to abolish free movement between EU residents and Switzerland.

September 28.  Greece is transferring 700 refugees from Lesbos to the Greek mainland.

September 29. French police dismantles a camp of 700 refugees near Calais.

September 29. In Italy there is a proposal of a new decree, with 9 articles, concerning refugees/migrants. New is that it will be easier to justify one’s migration based on inhumane treatment. It will also be easier to change a permit to stay in a work permit. And for acquisition of Italian citizenship, 36 instead of 48 months will be sufficient.

September 30. Germany takes over 139 refugees from Greece among whom 51 non accompanied minors and also 17 children with urgent medical needs and their families.